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Its all a sweet sweet memory~


Monday, May 30, 2011


went hiking with miao on the 28th may 2011, which is last saturday (baru happened je)

hiked a bukit named BUKIT TABUR at taman melawati. KL.

20km from city centre, nearby zoo negara ( i wanna go zoo negara again, maybe next time )

well,originally sudah ajak dee and weng go together de, but dee have date for paintballing, which i tink is equally painful, cz she'll be suffering the bruises, i'll be suffering from the muscle pain ( i assume miao have no problem..teehee ) and weng RATHER die, than go on a hiking with us >.<

so let me show off some pictures, that we really did HIKE *proud*

*part of the trail*

*the cityscape u can see while hiking*

*a very beautiful lake*

*manage to ss with the lake, HAPPY*

*dis is the legendary dog that if u did ur survey, dis dog will be at bukit tabur all the time to assist the hikers, show direction either up or down the bukit. ( no matter how hard i pray that it wont follow us, but it did ! all the way down the bukit, scare die me ! LOL )*

*dis is the point where i decided to stop hiking any further,it is so STEEP, i scare i will DIE*

overall, hiking is really FUN :) without any fall *winks*

hope u guys out there, get to maintain a healthy lifestyle yea..

SWEAT IT OUT, babeh =D

Monday, May 16, 2011

gurls :)

totally miss u gals.. :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

HAPPY 21ST miao miao !!!!

- sorry u have to light up the candles urself, miao -

- after some time, both of us get to celebrate for u again -

- melted candles , an art, just like how friendship, so beautiful -

- finally can blow the candles , because the candles almost melted away LOL -

- the FUN begun -

- WE are HAPPY , comot miao -

- WE enjoyed the cake, durian cake, chosen by dee -
the last one among us to celebrate his 21st on 2010 birthday calender
manage to surprise him, by "breaking in" his house =p
how smart are we LOL
have a great december pals !!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

jogoya !!!

just wanna tell u guys..
share some happy moments i spent with my family..hehe
for the very first time !
i went to jogoya for buffet dinner !
too bad it has limited time, which is 2 hours dining time, or else i'll be having more time to enjoy all the goodness at jogoya..hehehe

well, not bad la da food there, quite fresh ! nice experience, expensive experience ! hahhhAA

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weeeee....Sushi Zanmai!!!

Hungry...hungry...EXTREMELY hungry!!!!
So we went to Sushi Zanmai
at Sunway Pyramid...

It 9pm at night le..."Full House",
What to do, i think we waited around 15min, luckily it just 15min...

Here is what we had for our late dinner...
Salmon...left 1...

Hotate Mentaiyaki

Cranky Salmon Maki

Jo Unagi & Salmon Mentai

Stamina Roll

Desert Itachoco Monaka

I look extremely tired...lack of sleep lately...Zzzz...

That all for this time ya...take carez GUYS...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

footprints in the sand =)

all my beloved ones..
yes YOU ! :D
notice there's a new song uploaded here? hope u did.

this very special song, is for YOU
by leona lewis.
hope u guys love it.

uploaded by miao :)
thanks for uploading


sharing lyrics below :

You walked with me,
Footprints in the sand,
and help me understand,
where i'm going.

You walked with me,
when i was all alone,
with so much unknown,
along the way.

then i heard YOU say..

I promised YOU,
I'm always there,
when your heart is filled
with sorrow and despair,
i'll carry you,
when you need a friend.

YOU'll find MY footprints in the sand..

i see my life flash across the sky,
so many times have i been so afraid.
and just when i, i thought i lost my way,
YOU give me strength to carry on,

that's when i heard you say..

i promise you,
i'm always there,
when your heart is filled,
with sorrow and despair,
i'll carry you,
when you need a friend,
you'll find my footprints in the sand.

when i'm with you,
well, i know you've been there,
and i can feel you ,
when you say..

i promise you (you)
i'm always there,
when ur heart is filled (when your heart)
with sadness and despair ( and despair )
i'll carry you,
when you need a friend ( need a friend )
you'll find my footprints in the sand ( i promise you )

ohh.. i'm always there..

when your heart is full of
sadness and despair ( and despair )
i'll carry you when you need a friend. ( i'll carry you )
you'll find my footprints in the sand.


Friday, September 17, 2010

introducing ~miao miao~
a.k.a lim KUCING
that kena "torture" by teh assistant manager

met up with him yesterday :D
because is MALAYSIA's DAY,
and it's public holiday,
so he is torture-less one day by his "beloved" assistant manager :p

about shaunnie..
emm, haven meet up with him yet,
mayb when i have my sem break again bah?
since he is gonna be here..for good HAHA